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School History

School Badge

Meiwa High School, located in a peaceful environment near Nagoya Castle and prefectural government offices, was established in 1948. The school's predecessors were Aichi Prefectural First Senior High School for Girls and Meirin Junior High School, of which the latter's origins can be traced back to Meirin-do, a public school for the children of Samurai in the Edo Period, established in 1783.

Our school is made up of approximately 1080 students, and each grade has eight general course classes as well as one music course class. Our students have a powerful thirst for knowledge and admission to university is a high priority for all, evidence of which can be seen in the continued success of our excellent alumni and alumnae who count a Nobel Prize winner among them.

Many of our graduates from music course classes have achieved excellent performances globaliy.while contesting notable international competisions. Many other work with orchestras,operatheaters ,music companies and churches both at home and abroad. Many of our graduates are passing on the vast knowledge and talent that they developed here at Meiwa High School,teaching right across the educational spectrum, from elementary school to university, while still giving cincerts and performances of their own.

Heisyuu Hosoi