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Super Science High School

Meiwa High School SSH Prospectus  (What Meiwa High School SSH aims at)

Developing methods to foster internationally- minded talents in science and technology -To learn “the methodology of science” and to acquire “integrity of character”-

【Methodology of Science】

We aim to assist our students in the development of “Logical thinking” and “Creative thinking” through a series of processes ― nurturing an interest in science, setting their own goals, and using critical judgment to solve their problems and present their findings.

【Integrity of Character】

We aim to help our students acquire cultured minds as well as an intuitive insight, enabling them to understand various points of view from a global perspective and thus make impartial judgments. With these qualities we hope that our students will flourish with an appreciation for their community, a love for humanity and an awareness of their roles and responsibilities in modern society.

Unique curriculum including special subjects for SSH

Designated as a Super Science High School, our school has an unique curriculum including special subjects dealing with advanced concepts in math or science, considering collaboration between universities.

In science classes, through using new equipments for experimentation such as “Spark”, students can experience advanced research activities. In the SSH Information Laboratory, the introduction of electronic blocks has enabled the students to consider computer circuitry itself, which leads to deeper learning.

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Late May  “SSH Keynote Lecture” for all 10th graders


It is a lecture by Prof. Tetsuro Matsuzawa of Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University. This lecture is an opportunity to open a new vision of SSH project of our school, which intends to give students “Methodology of Science” and “Intelligence Character.”

During the summer vacation
“SSH à la carte” for all 10th and 11th graders of general course

Our school prepares many different projects such as investigation activities,practical experiences and special courses. Each student chooses and takes p art in one of them according to their interests and concerns.

Math Summer School

  • ・On Pythagorean Numbers. Koji Matsumoto PhD, Nagoya University
  • ・On Distribution of Prime Numbers. Koji Matsumoto PhD, Nagoya University (The lecture was given in English.)
  • ・On Supply and Demand Curve through the study of Econometrics.PhD Jiro Nemoto, Nagoya University
  • ・On Knot Theory. Sakie Suzuki, a researcher at Research Institute of Mathematical Science, Kyoto University
  • ・Alfred North Whitehead’s Interest in Math and the Consequence to Life-form Philosophy. Noritoshi Aramaki PhD, Kyoto University
  • ・A Lecture on Probability. A math teacher at Aichi Prefectural Meiwa Senior High School
  • ・A Lecture on the Native Mathematics of Japan. A math teacher at Aichi Prefectural Meiwa Senior High School
  • ・On the History of Mathematics. A math teacher at Aichi Prefectural Meiwa Senior High School
  • ・On Polyomino. A math teacher at Aichi Prefectural Meiwa Senior High School
  • ・A Lecture of Group Returns. A math teacher at Aichi Prefectural Meiwa Senior High School

Investigation Activities or Practical Experiences in Summer

  • ・A Visit to National Institute for Fusion Science
  • ・A Visit to Nagoya Proton Therapy Center
  • ・Meeting the International Students Studying Econometrics in Nagoya University
  • ・A Visit to Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University
  • ・A Visit to Keio Gijuku University, Tokyo University, and Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex
  • ・A Visit to Research Institute of Mathematical Science, Kyoto University
  • ・A Visit to the Nagoya University Museum
  • ・An Inquiry into the Conservation of Cultural Properties (Toyota City History Committee / Soko Ethics Inc.)

Meiwa SSH Memorial Lecture Late in October

In order to make the students feel closer to the advanced academic research and inspire them to have a big dream, we have been asking one of our graduates who are at the forefront of the scientific research to give a special lecture late in October every year since 2011.

  • The Mechanism of In-vivo Control by small RNA in 2011. Mikiko Shiomi PhD, an associate professor of school of medicine in 2011, presently a professor of the graduate course of science at Tokyo University
  • On Particles and Antiparticles in 2012 whose study led to the achievement of the Nobel Prize for physics. Makoto Kobayashi PhD, a special professor emeritus at High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

SSH Special Lectures on Science


As one of the ways to facilitate coordination between upper secondary schools and universities, senior students at our school have an opportunity to receive lectures from researchers at universities. Last year, we invited Associate Professor Tomoto Makoto (“Looking into the Dawn of Universe Through a Giant Accelerator LHC”), Professor Tanaka Kentaro (“Programming Molecular Organization”), and Associate Professor Sudo Yuki (“Fascination and Depth of Biological, Chemical, and Physical Studies on Colored Protein”) from Nagoya University and had the privilege to hear lectures on their research.

SSH Club


After being designated as Super Science High School in 2011 School Year, we created SSH club from Physics and Chemistry Club and Biology Club. Students in this club can choose the group they will join from physics and geology group, biology group, chemistry group, and mathematics group, according to their interest.

Examples of Research Subjects for Each Group

[ Biology Group ]
“Waste Disposal Using Earthworms” “Study on Japanese Honeybee”
[ Physics / Geology Group ]
“Observation of Earthquake-Induced Vibration and Study on Vibration of the School Building of Meiwa High School”
[ Mathematics Group ]
“Study on Japanese Mathematics”
[ Chemistry Group ]
“Chemiluminescence” “Clock Reaction” “Easily-Made Positive Ion-Exchange Resin” “Difference in Reaction Time Due to the Difference in Molecular Structure”