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Message From the Principal


Thank you for your accessing to our homepage.
The predecessors of our school were Meirin-do, a clan school established in the Edo Period by Tokugawa Munechika, the feudal lord of the Owari Domain, and Aichi Prefectural First Senior High School for Girls, which took the lead in the education for girls in Aichi Prefecture. We have the long history of over 230 years from the foundation of Meirin-do (1783, the 3rd year of the Tenmei era), and over 110 years from that of Aichi Prefectural First Senior High School for Girls (1903, the 36th year of the Meiji era).We have produced a lot of promising personnel who can contribute to the development of the world, including Dr. Kobayashi Makoto, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2008.

Hosoi Heisyu, the first president of Meirin-do, taught that we should discipline ourselves in a humble manner, not in an arrogant manner. This is the origin of our school’s motto, “self-discipline.” I think it is the advanced goal for high school students, but they should develop rich intelligence and humanity in order to be a person who can think and behave independently. In addition, the society has demanded them not only to acquire responsibility and the ability to take action, but also to be conscious of the role they should play as a member of the society. Through devoting themselves into everyday study, club activity, and school events, our school students discipline themselves to achieve their goals. Moreover, they are developing the ability which is necessary for the leaders who are responsible for the next generation through these activities.

Our school has been designated as SSH (Super Science High School) by the Ministry of Education since 2011. We have set the original curriculum associated with some universities or research institutions. Furthermore, the whole school has worked on giving our students opportunity to learn “the methodology of science” and acquire “integrity of character.” Also, we are the only Aichi Prefectural school which have the music course, and more than 60 teachers of the first class bring out the talent in each student to achieve a lot of brilliant success every year.

In the lyrics of our school song, there are some phrases like “to be tied to the world” or “to build a history.” I expect our students to broaden their horizons and to acquire wide knowledge and various abilities through learning deeply. I hope they will have high ambitions for creating the future of the world by themselves and will challenge their own potentials with full force.